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Oil and gas

The right Ni-Cd battery choice for the oil & gas industry

For decades, AlphaPower's global network has been supplying long-life nickel batteries that can operate in extreme temperatures, from +150°C to -50°C, in the deepest subsea, and are safe in potentially inflammable and explosive environments.


We also provide a wide range of specialized high-temperature NiMH & Lithium batteries and cell packs designed specifically for those environments. TBS provides NiMH & Lithium Primary cells and battery packs that deliver dependable power on demand, extremely high reliability, and peak performance when needed.

AlphaPower's range of robust nickel battery solutions is used by customers around the world to meet the complex demands of the oil and gas industry.


AlphaPower provides reliable backup power and guarantees the safe operation of critical equipment for both onshore and offshore production, distribution, and refineries. Its Ni-Cd battery solutions are also used in downhole drilling, seismic exploration, pipeline inspection tools, underwater vehicles, and well-intervention tools.