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CyberPower CR6U61001

Key Benefits

Dual Mounting Hole Options

Adjustable Rack Depth for Various Devices

Device Cooling Capability

Secured with Locks

Easy Cable Access

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CyberPower CR6U61001 is perfect for data center, server rooms and back office applications. The wall mount enclosure with hex perforated design on front door and side panels can efficiently enhance airflow. The lockable doors and side panels with keyed-alike locks heighten the security. Convenient features include reversible front door, removable doors and side panels, adjustable mounting depth, dual mounting holes, mounting index, and integrated grounding system. The standard design is compatible with various accessories to customize IT solutions based on different needs.

Key Benefits

Dual Mounting Hole Options

Adjustable Rack Depth for Various Devices

Device Cooling Capability

Secured with Locks

Easy Cable Access

PCI DSS Compliant

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is set forth by five major credit card companies to ensure a secure payment system and protect cardholder information from breach and theft. CyberPower Enclosures meet the PCI DSS requirements for physical security of network equipment and media, helping you build a PCI DSS compliant environment.


Square and #12-24 Threaded Mounting Holes

Adjustable Mounting Depth

Hexagonal Perforated to Enhance Ventilation Capability

Doors and Side Panels with Keyed-alike Locks

Easy Cable Access Top and Bottom

Removable Door(s) and Side Panels

Reversible Front Door

Rack U Numbering

Flexible Enclosure Configuration

Integrated Grounding Points

Optional Caster Kit for Mobility

Optional Fan Kit for Increasing Ventilation

PCI DSS Compliant


Server Rooms & Data Centers

Back Office

Warranty: 01 Year warranty from the date of purchase.

The Warranty does not cover any defects or damages due to, including but not limited to, accident, fire, flood, lightning, vandalism, acts of God, neglect, abuse or misuse or due to, including but not limited to, shipping, storage, installation, application, operation or maintenance not in conformity with CyberPower’s recommendations and industry standard practices.

The Warranty does not cover system batteries, battery plant and all other peripheral products and accessories not supplied by CyberPower (including components and software) or the installation, operation, maintenance or service of such accessories.

The Warranty does not cover reimbursement for labor, power washing, gaining access, removal, installation, temporary power or any other expenses, which may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement in any way.

The Warranty is null and invalid if the product is installed and/or used in inappropriate environments, including but not limited to, liquid damage, extreme heating/cooling conditions and/or temperature fluctuation exceeding design limit, direct sunlight or halogen light exposure. The installation of the Product in inappropriate environments will lead to total loss of The Warranty coverage.

Product (s) cannot be returned once received by the customer.

Customers are requested to check the product before receiving the product (s)

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