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CyberPower EPS CPS3500PIE

Key Benefits: 1. Automatic Power Transfer/Switch-Over 2. Reliable Power Quality 3. Compatible with Generator 4. Guaranteed Power Continuity 5. Quick Transfer Time 6. Pure Sine Wave Output

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BDTBDT 80,850

Brand: CyberPower Systems

Series: Emergency Power System

Model: CPS3500PIE

Origin: United States of America (USA)

Capacity: 3500VA 2450 Watts 24V DC (min)

Technology: Unlimited Battery Expansion Capability to Increase Run Time

CyberPower CPS3500PIE Emergency Power Systems provides backup power when regular systems fail for a wide range of applications including household appliances, office systems, banking & retail, and industrial sites. It provides noiseless, fuel-less, and clean pure sine wave output with adjustable Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), making it a greener and better solution over traditional generators. 

The Emergency Power Systems is also generator-compatible making it suitable for existing installations. It can accommodate unlimited number of batteries for additional runtime capacity, and the high charging current allows quick recharging up to five times faster.

Users can access information of power/battery conditions and configure advanced settings, including alert of potential power problems and switching mode at the push of a button.

Pure Sine Wave Output:

For power sensitive electronic equipment to last longer as well as run cooler and more efficiently, pure sine wave power source is a must. The EPS provides clean and seamless pure sine wave power output, guaranteed to safeguard your devices from unexpected shutdowns or damaging stress when switching from AC to UPS battery power.


1. Generator Compatible

2. Automatic Switch-over

3. Pure Sine Wave Output

4. Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

5. Auto-charge

6. Quick Transfer Time

7. LCD Status Display

8. LED Status Indicators

9. Tower Form Factor

10. Wheels and Carry Handle Available


1. Aircon/Heaters/Fridges

2. Video/Audio Equipment

3 .Industrial Equipment

4. Generator/Motor/Pump

5. Data Closets

6. NAS & Servers 

7. Home Theater Systems

8. DVRs/Surveillance Systems

9. POS Systems

10. Transportation & Infrastructure

11. Vehicle/Yacht

12. Emergency Systems

13. Electric Lighting

14. Mobile Power Supply Systems

15. Remote Residences & Transmitting Station

Warranty: 01 year warranty from the date of purchase.

The Warranty does not cover any defects or damages due to, including but not limited to, accident, fire, flood, lightning, vandalism, acts of God, neglect, abuse or misuse or due to, including but not limited to, shipping, storage, installation, application, operation or maintenance not in conformity with CyberPower’s recommendations and industry standard practices.

The Warranty does not cover system batteries, battery plant and all other peripheral products and accessories not supplied by CyberPower (including components and software) or the installation, operation, maintenance or service of such accessories.

The Warranty does not cover reimbursement for labor, power washing, gaining access, removal, installation, temporary power or any other expenses, which may be incurred in connection with repair or replacement in any way.

The Warranty does not cover accessories shipped with the Product, including but not limited to, cable, user manual, CD, etc.

The Warranty does not cover any Product if the serial number affixed to the Product has been removed, defaced, changed, altered or tampered with.

The Warranty is null and invalid if the product is installed and/or used in inappropriate environments, including but not limited to, liquid damage, extreme heating/cooling conditions and/or temperature fluctuation exceeding design limit, direct sunlight or halogen light exposure. The installation of the Product in inappropriate environments will lead to total loss of The Warranty coverage.

Product (s) cannot be returned once received by the customer.
Customers are requested to check the product before receiving the product (s)

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