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About DIGISOFT Bangladesh

Founded in 2002, DIGISOFT Bangladesh has followed a path to success through IT-based excellence and engineering excellence & quality standards in power protection, providing feature-rich power protection and distribution products for all sectors including enterprise, corporate, government, education,  SMB and home users who are keen to quality protection for their valued electronic devices. With the long-time business motto in “Reliability. Quality. Value, DIGISOFT Bangladesh has been committed to chasing innovation, excellence, and efficiency and to enhance it.

We are one of Bangladesh’s leading power solution provider. As the global power management solution provider in Bangladesh, has been continuously offering high-efficiency power management products, ranging from UPS Systems, Racks, PDUs, Inverters, Solar Energy Systems, Power Management Software, Surge Protectors, Mobile Accessories to any kind of Batteries including Telecom Batteries etc. We are always ready to take power solution related hassle of our respective clients and building a long trusted relationship.  DIGISOFT Bangladesh provides excellent hardware and software integration while keeping focusing on green solutions to the broad fields with the commitment of helping Bangladesh in every aspect.

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